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Setting up Haskell on OS X

I’m currently on a mission to get my brain wrapped around functional languages. My guys at work have convinced me that Haskell is the way to go. A group of us have decided to purchase the book “Real World Haskell” and meet regularly to discuss our progress.

As with any new development endeavor, I needed to setup my environment. The Haskell folks make it fairly easy to get things going. Below are the steps I took to get a working ghci (The command-line Haskell interpreter).

  • Downloaded the GHC OS X package from here:
  • Realized that I hadn’t read the documentation correctly and overlooked the fact that a prerequisite was to have XCode installed. So I hopped over to ADC and grabbed the latest iPhone SDK (which includes the latest XCode).
  • That should have basically been it, but since TextMate is my preferred editor on OS X, I sought out a Haskell bundle for it. Much to my chagrin, I would have to kick up my nerd action a step and check out the bundle via Subversion. The current SVN URL for the bundle is: It turned out to not be that big of a deal…they have pretty good documentation on the TextMate site. As luck would have it, they used the Haskell bundle as the canonical example (see Section 5.7).

That’s it. Now I can actually get my functional language geek on.